10 Ways Troye Sivan Has Changed Our Lives

His YouTube Channels

Even though Troye isn’t posting videos on YouTube anymore, we still watch his videos all the time and are secretly waiting for him to produce more videos. His channel is a place we can always visit and it’s filled with fetus Troye memories.


Not only do we relate to the title of this movie, we also cry over how young Troye was. We’ve practically grown up with him; if that doesn’t make you emotional, then we don’t know what will. 


Fun. Gasoline. Touch. What else is there to say? TRXYE is a ~blessing~.

Swimming Pools

When this was performed live for the first time, the fandom LOST IT. We also lose it every time someone asks us what Swimming Pools is …


Troyes Instagram posts leading up to the release of Wild was INSANE. We didn’t know if the yellow things were popcorn kernels or flower petals. Troye also felt the need to release Wild while school exams were happening, blame him for your grades.

Blue Neighbourhood

... Also known as the album that ruined hundreds of lives.

“Suburbia is my favourite song. Wait no, I think it’s lost boy. Actually I like for him. ACTUALLY I CAN’T CHOOSE.”
Side note: see u in court, sweaty (:


Never trust anyone who says they’ll text you soon. Troye has taught us that "soon" can mean anything BUT soon. Well, everyone a has different meaning of ~soon~, that’s for sure.

His Family

The Mellets are probably the best family on Earth. All of them have hearts of gold, and Laurelle and Shaun deserve awards for their amazing success at parenthood - bless them both.

Coming Out

Troye’s coming out video made us all cry. To know it’s been over six years since he came out, and that his whole family is so accepting of it, is so amazing. He’s helped plenty of fans come out too.

By Being Himself

Troye has shared most of his life with the Internet, and has changed so many other lives in the process. We’ll forever be thankful for the dedication he’s shown us. We love you, Troye.