Melanie Martinez’s New DOUBLE Music Video!


Melanie Martinez released a double feature music video and we’re IN LOVE!

Melanie Martinez released her double feature music video for her two songs Tag You’re It and Milk And Cookies and we love it!

The music video stays true to her aesthetic, and might just be her best music video yet! Continuing off the ending of her Pity Party video, Melanie creates a story that’s just as you’d expect it to be, but even better!

The story features Melanie’s encounter with a Big Bad Wolf, even though it’s a lot more sinister than stories like Little Red Riding Hood, it makes for a much more Melanie-ish video! We just hope we can still have ice cream now after watching this, because there are some scary scenes in it!

This double feature is yet another inclusion in Melanie’s Cry Baby album, and it definitely did NOT disappoint! We can’t wait to see what else Melanie has planned for this album, and what her next album will bring too!

Did you like the double feature? Did you think it was as great as her other music videos? Will you ever eat another ice cream again? Let us know by tweeting us @thisisamplify!