Five Reasons Why Pretty Little Liars Fans Have It Rough


"Got a secret? Can you keep it?" NO WE CAN'T, I. MARLENE KING!

1.Who HAVEN’T the producers tricked us into thinking is 'A'. We've gone from believing it was Ezra to Toby to Jenna and Paige! 


2. Just when we find out who ‘A’ is, ‘AD’ comes along. What?! C'mon, we didn't even have time to celebrate when we found out who 'A' was! 


3. Every time we think we've figured something out, the writer's throw a spanner in the works and prove our theory ALL WRONG 


4. The plot twists are CONSTANT! One minute we think someone is big ol’ evil ‘A’ and the next you see how they were completely harmless the entire time!


5. You can never trust anyone, no matter how much you like them. Let’s be real, who isn't a murderer, stalker or just generally doing something illegal at this point?


But no matter what you know, where you're up to in the series or who you do and don’t trust, you know you're going to to keep watching because it's that damn addictive!

Written by Hannah Clarke