The Life Of A Fangirl


We all have an idol we love endlessly. We support him/her/them 24/7. If they're nominated for an award we literally spend hours voting; we get super excited and feel incredibly proud whenever they do something big (like being on the cover of a magazine or performing at a big arena ... ANYTHING). We act like they’re our little babies and we are the 'hella proud parents.

But being a full time fangirl (or fanboy!) has its dark side. Let's talk about how jealous you get when you notice that one of your mutuals have met your idol. Sure, you're super happy because you know they deserve it, but deep down you’re thinking WHY NOT ME?


Or that feeling you get when your fave does a follow spree and you spam your followers' timeline hoping that - with a little bit of luck - you’ll get the notification that says “Your idol followed you back!”. 

As a girl who lives in a country where it’s unlikely that concerts/meet ups/tours happen I get this feeling pretty much every single day, and I’m sure that loads of you feel it as well. But, I'm here to remind you that, yeah it may be really hard and you slowly give up hope, but it's important to not give up hope! What if tomorrow was the day you finally get a follow from your fave but you gave up today? What if tomorrow was the day you were finally going to meet your idol but you gave up today?


I promise that one day you will meet whoever you love, you will give them the biggest hug ever and you’ll tell them everything you always wanted them to know. Your twitter name will say TODAY! And you just won't be able to believe it. Your icon will then turn into a cute pic of you and that special person with the caption, “I did it!”


Don’t give up! Follow your dreams! You never know- your fave may even follow you back! 

Written by Sofi Blanco