Internet Friends Are Real Friends


If you’re reading this, chances are you have some very special friends who just happen to live across an ocean. Yep, that’s right. Internet Friends.


Growing up we’re told “don’t talk to strangers on the internet” and all those terrible things that come along with it. But, we were never told that those strangers could be the best people to ever come into our lives.

I always end up making friends in the oddest way possible. I met one of my very best internet friends in the replies section of an Amplify tweet about donuts… random, right?!

Internet friends seem to be the only people in the world who truly get you and that’s one of my favourite things about them. You could feel completely alone but on the other side of the planet you could meet someone going through the exact same situation! You can talk about your favourite singers and YouTubers and tell them your deepest secrets and not worry about being judged. You can always hold trust in your internet bestie and they can always hold trust in you.


It’s funny how in school we are made to think we have to be friends with people and then if we don’t get on with them we feel excluded and left out. School seems to also pressure you into the idea of being friends with people exclusively in your age bracket and gender. And, if you’re friends with someone older, younger or a different gender to you, people find it unusual and are quite unsure of how to react so they just make fun.

If you get the chance to open up the flood gates of the internet and find likeminded people who are super similar to you, go for it! All of a sudden; age, gender and sexuality don't matter! It's purely about the personality bond and actual relationship between the two of you. It’s a nice change, instead of being constantly worried about what society has stereotyped as “normal”.

Whether it be a creator you become pals with or a fellow fan, they mean the universe to you and you’d do anything just to spend five minutes with them in person, instead of being behind a screen. Internet friendship can test you sometimes! You have to be strong and powerful to keep a good relationship with someone. But in my eyes, it’s the most beautiful friendship two people can have because at such a far distance it shows how important you are to each other!

Make sure you send this to your internet friends and remember to let them know how much they mean to you! Hit us up @thisisamplify and tell us the weirdest way you’ve met one of your besties!

Written by Maiya Harriman