Five Unusual Facts About Cats


Cats are life. 

1. Petting

Did you know that a cat's fur sits only in one direction- flat on their bodies with the ends closest to their backside?

You wouldn't brush your hair backwards - unless of course you wanted to look crazy and spend an extra seven hours getting those annoying knots out - and cats are the same. If you pet them the opposite way to the direction of their fur, we guarantee that you will not be on their good side for much longer!


2. Toes

Most cats have five toes on their front paws and four on their back. However, did you know that polydactyl cats are actually very common in areas such as the USA, Canada, Wales and West England? Polydactyl means extra toes… which means extra claws; watch out!


3. Speed

Domestic cats can run at up to 48km/h! That's faster than Usain Bolt, whose record for fastest human foot speed stands at 44.7 km/h! You just better hope one of those polydactyl cats doesn’t want to eat you anytime soon…


4. Milk

After weaning, cats do not necessarily need or enjoy having milk in their diet. We all know that mice are stereotypically associated with cheese and cats with milk, but it's not recommended as part of their diet! While some cats are perfectly healthy and enjoy drinking it, others will often become intolerant to milk once they reach a certain age. Fresh lukewarm water is all a cat really needs and can keep them hydrated for much longer periods of time. But, if your cat does happen to enjoy milk, serve it as a treat every now and then. 


5. Cat Flap

Did you know that Isaac Newton invented the cat flap? Yep, that’s the guy who discovered gravity after an apple fell on his head! While Newton's theories aren't a completely accurate way of measuring intelligence, he did have an estimated IQ of between 190-200!

So if you don't like cats maybe you’re missing out on something? Newton definitely wasn't that's for sure!


Written by Lauren Taylor