Our Angel, Georgia Buckingham


This post is dedicated to Amplifam's, Georgia Buckingham!

"Georgia has been an inspiration to me ever since I followed her Instagram account. Every post I ever saw of hers made me smile. Whether it was from her fan account (where she talks endlessly about Michael Clifford), a selfie on her personal, or just her complaining about how she wants chicken nuggets.


I haven't known her for that long - maybe about a year or so - but I know her well enough to know that she's been through hell and back three times, which she definitely does not deserve.

What she did deserve though, was her wish to meet 5SOS at their concert in Auckland last year. I had followed her just before she met them and even though I didn't know her - or knew that the reason she had met them in the first place was cancer - I was so so so incredibly happy for her.

I didn't know her during her first battle, but I knew her through her second and third.


Watching her go through it was so painful. It's painful to see someone you care about go through something so horrible and painful and not being able to do anything about it.

Her bravery and strength has kept me going and inspires me, and will continue to forever. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met and I've been fortunate enough to meet her four times! I'm so grateful to have been able to spend time with such an angel. 

Seeing her go through so much pain is the worst thing I could ever think of and I wish that no one ever has or will go through the pain I've seen her experience."

By Brook Hobbs

"I first talked to Georgia in January 2015. We both had fan accounts for our favourite band, 5SOS. We had occasional conversations in the comments of each others Instagram posts and tagged each other in things to make each other laugh. Georgia and I were never super close friends until later down the track but I still remember having these little chats in the comment sections that always made me laugh. Now, Georgia and I talk daily- through sending snapchats, tweeting each other memes (especially Gavin ones) and still having our little conversations in Instagram comments!


Georgia never fails to make me laugh. Our bonding via the common interests of our taste in music, memes and 'Maccas' made us closer and I love her very very much. Hearing the cancer came back made me cry then the more recent news about her life expectancy made me cry even more. To believe a friend - an amazing one - is dying is hard but we all want to make her time left a good time, even if it isn't long. I hope our hashtag (#5sosnoticegeorgia) continues to spread and people know of Georgia's story as it is truly an amazing story for an amazing girl."

By Kendall Watts

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