Jenna Holiday's '21' Inspired by Troye Sivan!

You may have heard the name Jenna Holiday in the Twittersphere - most notably as a huge supporter of Troye Sivan - but you may not have realised that she is a talented singer! Her most recent song, 21, draws upon Troye's emotional rise to fame, and is inspired by his music career as a whole.


The song features lyrics such as, "Your passports full due to 15-year-old ambition ... Am I still having fun?" showing the true dark side of the celebrity life.

In March, we were given a 30-second snippet of the song, which got us pretty excited! Fans even got to experience the change and development of the song's lyrics, vocals and music alongside Jenna! She even did a livestream on Periscope of her singing the song acoustically while playing piano.

It wasn't until September 2nd that she released the full song to iTunes and Spotify where it immediately garnered loads of listens and sales.

Listen to the song on Spotify and buy it on iTunes! Don't forget to let us know what you think! We're personally in ~love~!

Written by Elaine Page