10 Tips For Travelling (That Will Help You A Tonne)!


Whether you're preparing to travel or just wishing you could, here are ten tips that you ~need~ to know!


Under-pack.Trust me when I say this, you don’t want to leave for a trip with an overflowing suitcase. I learnt this the hard way! You want to pack as little as possible because it gives you enough room for things you buy at your destination, which leads me to…

Save Up! Arriving in a new place is exciting and different, and you’ll find a lot of things you want to buy and take home. There’s nothing worse than finding something interesting, getting out your wallet and finding you only have $5. Save up as much as you can months before you travel.


Be organised. This is a must. Everywhere you go, double check you have everything: your phone, your money, your passport (!!!) and anything else that might be important to you. Don’t ever assume you’ve remembered something if you’re not 100% sure. Check as many times as you need to.


Prioritise! Find a place to put all your most important things, and don’t change that place throughout the trip. It makes travelling so much easier knowing you can unzip one pocket and have all the things you need the most in it. You need to make sure that pocket is always in easy reach, so you know no one is able to steal your valuables. When I’m travelling, I hold my hand luggage at all times so I know there is no chance of me losing anything.

Cut down! It’s better to have one big suitcase instead of three small ones. It’s not only much easier to carry, but it’s also less of a hassle when you have your hand luggage in one hand and your suitcase in the other. If you have a small bag or a computer bag, try and fit it into your suitcase. There’s always a possibility it will fit!


Locks! Buy locks for your suitcase. If you don’t trust yourself with a key, get a code lock and make it only something you will remember. Locking your suitcase makes it impossible (or much less likely) for people to steal things from your bag or slip things into it.

Security. I nearly always get stopped at the security check-in because of nail scissors or half-full water bottles. Try and make sure this doesn’t happen to you, because it’s annoying having to throw away things you’ve paid for.

Bulk up! While travelling, try to wear your heaviest clothes and bulkiest shoes so that you have more room in your suitcase. I always wear leggings underneath baggy pants, and it helps a lot. Try to take as many light shoes as possible, because shoes end up weighing a lot more than clothes.


Pictures! Having a good camera for your journey is ALWAYS worth it! Taking lots of photos is a great way to store memories and show people what you’ve been up to. You can also turn your photos into postcards and send them to friends and family!

Have fun. Don’t make your trip too jam-packed and stressful; leave a few days just for relaxing. Looking back on a trip and realising you didn’t enjoy yourself as much as you wish you had isn’t a nice feeling. Make having fun your number one priority!


Written by Arianna O’Donnell