Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion!


After keeping us waiting for three years, Lady Gaga has finally released her new single!

The single is called … wait for it … Perfect Illusion! After collaborating with Tame Impala, Bloodpop and Mark Ronson, Gaga has shown us that she’s truly evolved (no, not like in Pokémon) into an even more incredible artist.

The song describes the “perfect illusion” that we put up in our lives, and the kind of 'face' we put on. You know that moment when you find an Instagram model, and she looks so beautiful, and her life seems perfect, and you end up stalking her account until you wish you were her? Gaga describes that as the 'perfect illusion', in that we only see what someone wants us to see, and how we don’t know all the details- that it’s all an illusion.


We personally love the song! It’s a true masterpiece, and even though it isn’t what we expected it to be, we’re definitely jamming our hearts out to it. After hearing the song and understanding what it’s about, we’re even more excited for Gaga’s new upcoming album and what this new era of music will bring.

What do you think? Do you love Perfect Illusion as much as we do? Are you constantly playing it? Do you even like Lady Gaga!? Let us know by tweeting us @thisisamplify!

Written by Mina Gerges