6 Reasons Why We Love Tyler Oakley


In celebration of Tyler Oakley reaching 600,000,000 views, we've compiled six reasons why he's one of the most loveable YouTubers online.

Reason 1: He is constantly trying to make a difference in the world.


From raising over a million dollars for The Trevor Project suicide prevention line to speaking out about the election and reminding us no matter how old you are you can change the world and your voice can be heard!

Reason 2: His amazing laugh!


There is no doubt once you hear his iconic cackle you cant help but smile too!

Reason 3: He is super close to his fans!


He's constantly interacting with the fandom on social media - and it's ~super~ cute!

Reason 4: Tyler has unconditional love for each representation in the LGBTQ+ community and is constantly showing his support.


He recently made a compilation album called “Pride Jams” where a percentage of the proceeds went towards the Trevor Project. This just shows that he is always there for us irregardless of our sexuality.

Reason 5: Don't forget about his ~iconic~ hair!


From purple to silver to blonde and blue, Tyler has *pretty much* had every colour of the rainbow in his hair!

Reason 6: His addictive personality!


Tyler's contagious smile and positivity is unbeatable; it's no wonder he has 600+ million views on his channel. He also proves that just because you have millions of fans (and counting!) doesn't mean life is always perfect. We love Tyler for being ... Tyler!

Written by Lizzy Owens