You Can Now Get a Degree in YouTube!


Ever dreamt of becoming the next Zoella, Tyler Oakley or PewdiePie? There's a degree for that!


The City of Glasgow (in Scotland) is offering aspiring YouTubers the chance to get a fullyfledged degree in being a YouTuber/Vlogger.

The ten-week course is focussed on teaching the basics of channel-building to those with “basic IT skills in internet, email and social media”.


Interested in enrolling in the evening course? Forget about all that theoretical stuff, you'd be studying:

  • How To Set Up Your Own Channel.
  • Practical Development of Your Channel.
  • Top 10 Vloggers/Youtuber.
  • Styles of Vlog.
  • Platforms (Twitter, Periscope, Vimeo, Youtube).
  • Devices (Tablet, Phone).
  • Trends in Social Networking.
  • Statistics and Retention.
  • Online Profiling.
  • Security: How to Look After Yourself Online.
  • Maintenance.
  • Promotion Through Social Networks.
  • Rolling Out Your Channel.

Can you imagine the homework *watching YouTubers*? Um, YES PLEASE! Sign us up! High distinctions all round!

Would you study to become a YouTuber or do you think it's a gift that can't be taught?