Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Read Out The WRONG Name At The Oscars

“And the winner for Best Picture is…”

“La La Land!”

“Thank you so much for this-”

“No, the winner is Moonlight. Look. Here, Moonlight”.

In one of the biggest stuff ups in history, the wrong winner was announced at the Oscars! As the cast of La la Land got up to accept “their” award, they began giving their acceptance speech, and then were crudely interrupted in one of the most shocking plot twists of the century, with the revelation that Moonlight had won instead!


He proved it by showing us the card!

Everything got awkward from there, with no one knowing how to act **yes, actors didn’t know how to act in this precise moment**, and we still can’t even, we’re in shock! The Internet was right with us! Our Twitter feed was full of shocked people who didn’t know how to process this blunder. Here are some of the Internet’s reactions:

We are all 100% shook, shocked and literally every other word you can think of right now. Please help us, we don’t think our ability to even will ever grow back, we just can’t. This is a way to remember the award show! But we loved it anyway, congratulations to Moonlight for winning! Next time you feel nervous about giving a speech at school, just remember that at least you’re not the man who read out the wrong name.

What do you think? Are you as shocked as we are? Who did you think should have won? Do you agree with the winner? Let us know!