Connor Franta Has One Gay Regret In His New Video

As Connor Franta revealed in his first book, A Work In Progress, he grew up in a conservative town. One where things like homosexuality wasn’t as widely accepted as it is in, say, New York or California. As a result, Connor felt he could never hook up with any of the boys he had a crush on in middle school or high school because he was in the closet.

Now that Connor is older, and has escaped the confines of the closet, he wishes he’d been able to hook up with people in high school. Connor remains quite positive about it though, saying that it makes him happy when people who are in middle school or in high school are out and proud! If you’re in high school, and you’re out of the closet, we’re so happy for you! Go out and kiss the person of your preference! 

From what we know, this is a common trait in the LGBT community. Many people feel they had a delayed experience with their love lives due to the process of coming out, and accepting themselves and even finding someone who likes them and they like back (we know that struggle). So if you feel the same way as Connor, know that you’re not alone! You’re not an exception, and we all feel your pain!

Did you like Connor’s video? Did it make you feel less alone? Let us know!