Five Ways You Can Be A Better Friend

You know when you see your best friend, and you want all of the good things to happen to them, and you want them to be happy? But sometimes you’re not really sure how to do that? Look no further! You can start by making sure you’re the bestest best friend anyone has ever had!

Here are five ways you can improve how good you are at being a friend!

It is so important to be honest with your friends; if you won’t let them know when they’re in the wrong, then you’re only hurting them. If they ask you if they’re good at something, and they’re not, gently be honest with them. They'd rather hear it from you than from someone whose intentions are not as good. Being honest with a friend when something is bothering you will be much better for your friendship than saying it to someone else. Open honest communication is key for a long and healthy friendship (or any relationship for that matter).

Be There For Them
If they really need someone to talk to, be there for them. If you’re busy, let them know you’re busy. Sometimes, even when you don’t know what to say, being a shoulder to cry on is all someone needs! If you don’t know what advice to give or how to give it, just let them know that you care and that you wish you knew what to say. It’ll mean a lot to them that you’re at least trying.

Make An Effort
The worst thing in a friendship is when it seems one sided, so if you find that it’s always them messaging you first, make an attempt to message them first sometimes. Also, when you and your group of friends go out, make the effort to include each friend. There’s nothing worse than going on Snapchat and finding out that all your friends went out without you. 

Be Happy For Them
When a friend tells you about something good happening to them, be happy for them and celebrate with them. For example; let’s say your fave just followed your friend on Twitter, don’t become bitter or jealous about it, be happy for them. Because if you were the one who Harry Styles just followed, then you’d want them to be happy for you too!

Make Them Feel Good About Themselves
No one wants to be around someone who’s always pointing out his or her flaws, so point out the good things about them! If you love what your friend is wearing today, tell them you love it and that they look really good in it. If you think your friend has a great smile, let them know! Little things like that bring positivity into people’s lives, and it can have a domino effect.