7 Years Ago, Niall Horan Applied For The X Factor ...

It’s officially been 7 years since Niall Horan applied for The X Factor. That means it has literally been 7 years since Niall did something that 100% changed his life! We mean, where would he be if he hadn’t applied for The X Factor? Let’s not think about that! Niall took the plunge seven years ago, and we’re so proud of him! Although we’re still in ~de-Niall~ that our smol bean isn’t that small anymore.

That means it’s been 7 years since this iconic tweet:

Well Niall, judging by the fact that you have millions of fans, have performed in sold out stadiums all around the world and have a highly anticipated solo album on the way, we think it must have worked out! Congratulations!

Niall cemented this moment by tweeting a sweet message to his fans, and telling us exactly what we wanted him to say!

We’re so proud of him, and we can’t wait to see what the next seven years brings for Niall! For now, here are a bunch of Niall GIFs so our hearts can melt together:


**melts away into a puddle**

So what do you think? Are you proud of Niall?