Eight Songs We Hope To Hear At A Shawn Mendes Concert

1. Strings

This song is a bop, and we loved hearing it the studio version and in videos, so we can’t even fathom how incredible it will be live. And, since he’s never been here before, we have no idea what it will be like in person, but we’re sure it will be the death of us!

2. Life Of The Party

One of Shawn’s more inspiring songs, we love the message it conveys, and hearing it live will hit us right in the feels! Hearing this song live will definitely leave us shook, and it’s sure to be one of the stand out songs of the two nights.

3. Mercy

In every video we’ve seen of Shawn performing this song, it has been incredible. Literally each performance has seen him deliver vocals that made our hearts do something it has never done before. We imagine that hearing this song live will be a mesmerizing experience, and we can’t wait to embrace it in all its glory. 

4. A Little Too Much

One of the more emotional songs off his first album, this song is guaranteed to shed more than a few tears if/when he performs it. He also has a speech before it that makes it even more incredible, and one of the best moments in the concert. Not to mention how special his vocals will be in the live performance, along with the crowd singing along, we can’t wait to hear it!

5. Never Be Alone

This particular song resonates with many people, as it is one of Shawn’s most compassionate songs.  Inspired by a fan who had been self harming, it definitely hits us right in the feels when we listen to it, and hearing it live will be a blessing. It’s definitely a fan favourite, and will incite a stronger bond between Shawn and the crowd. 

6. Kid In Love

One of the most feel good songs from Shawn’s first album, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. With sweet lyrics and an even sweeter melody, Shawn singing this live will blow us away. It’s definitely a fan favourite, so it’ll definitely make the concert that much more incredible (although regardless of whether he’ll sing Kid In Love, we know the concert will be nothing short of life changing). 

7. Lights On

Straight up, one of Shawn’s sweetest songs, it’s so beautiful and cute, and we can imagine him serenading us with that song. To us, it really shows who he really is, as an intelligent and caring man, and is definitely one of the songs that melt our hearts the most. We hope he sings this, and we’ll probably fall in love over and over again!

8. Don’t Be A Fool

With heart wrenching lyrics, and a beautiful melody, Don’t Be A Fool describes what it’s like to fall in love with someone who is constantly touring. Which of course, sounds a lot like Shawn…and us…and what better time to sing it than when he’s right in front of us!