A Big Day For Pop Music

For Pop music fans, today felt like frigging Christmas. Not only is there plenty of new shit for people to sink their teeth into, but it’s different new shit.

Harry Styles’ debut solo album

Harry Styles dropped his first solo album, titled Harry Styles. Ground breaking. (Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting?)

Even though it’s a far cry from the boy-band style of music that people would expect from One Direction, fans are embracing the shit out of it.

His first single, Sign Of The Times, was released last month; and plenty of people were likening it to mid 70’s style pop/rock. “David Bowie-esque” was a common description. Good thing that single was very well received, because the rest of the album is pretty much in keeping with that style!


Miley Cyrus’ New Single

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus released a new single, Malibu, which was said to be going back to her roots. Does that mean she’s back in Hannah Montana mode? Nuh, not quite. You could say this is the least extra she’s ever been (and BOY, she’s done some extra shit!)

To her own admission, she’s toned her whole act down. Speaking with Kyle & Jackie O on KIIS 1065 this morning, she said that her twerking days are behind her. “I think I’m too lazy… I think I’ve been spending too much time at the beach and I’m too mellow or something.”  

Check out Miley loving herself sick in a meadow n’ stuff in the Malibu music video:


Music Video from DNCE & Nicki Minaj

DNCE & Nicki Minaj released the music video for the song they dropped back in mid-April, Kissing Strangers. Not a whole lot of kissing takes place in the video, funnily enough #robbed. But there’s enough sexual tension to keep you warm during the cool winter months.


Paramore’s New Album

Paramore released their first new album in four years – and fifth album overall – titled After Laughter.

(Okay Paramore aren’t strictly Pop musicians, they’re pop-punk/rock/whatever the fuck, but shoosh, it still counts.)

So there’s plenty of stuff for Pop music fans to wrap their ears and eyes around. You can expect a whole lot of people in lock down looking like this over the weekend: