A Comprehensive Phil Lister (Sorry, But We Had to)!

It’s Phil’s birthday!! Happy birthday!!! We hope all your birthday wishes are ~ful-Philled~! The lovely man turns 30 today, and we’d like to thank our lucky stars for bringing him to our lives! And of course, to Phil...for like...you know, making videos and stuff. From making Phantastic content with Dan, to making amazing Phil videos, we can’t help but be proud of his achievements!

But aside from how much he’s achieved, he’s still a great, humble person, so to honour Phil’s birthday, here are our top 5 favourite things about Phil:

And that’s our list! It was hard to cram it down to five, but we had to keep it under 100, right?

What do you think? Have we missed anything? Give us your top five reasons! And also, a big massive happy birthday to Phil Lester, we hope your day is filled with as much happiness as you give us!

We love you, Phil!