Adele Just Dropped A Heartbreaking Announcement

Literally everybody knows that Adele finally toured Australia and New Zealand for the first time this month. Breaking attendance records, selling out multiple stadiums, and entertaining 600,000 fans in Australia alone. With her incredible voice, hilarious jokes and just her general icon status, Adele managed to absolutely slay everyone and everything with this tour. The only catch is...this might be the only time we’ll ever get to see Adele.

Adele revealed at her Auckland show that she really only goes on tour for the sake of her fans, and doesn't actually enjoy touring. “Touring isn't something i’m good at” she said, “applause makes me feel vulnerable. I don't know if I will ever tour again.”

Our only hope is that she said she didn't know if she would, not that she was definitely not going to tour again.

We love you, Adele! We hope we might get to see you again, but for now, we’ll just enjoy your music like we always do!