Adele Owns The #Grammys!

Adele left everybody entirely shook at the GRAMMYs today, literally from the word go as she opened the GRAMMYs with a stunning performance of her hit single Hello! **she literally sang Hello as we said hello to the GRAMMYs**. Adele is literally us when we get to class late, everybody’s looking at you, gotta make an entrance! If you’d like to watch the performance, you can do so here:

Adele also sang a tribute for the late great artist George Michael, in which she sang beautifully and was given a standing ovation! But the highlight of that performance wasn’t her vocals or how moving it was (which were both incredible, we mean, we’re sure we saw a few tears in the audience!), but the fact that she stopped the show because she’d stuffed up and wanted to restart, knowing it’s live television!

In true Adele fashion, everyone listened to her, and the show restarted, and she gave one of the most incredible performances we’ve ever seen! She received a standing ovation, and tbh we wish we were there with all the celebrities clapping and standing along too! If you’d like to see the performance, you can do so here:

Adele also won several awards:

And most importantly…

Adele won Record Of The Year! The biggest award of the night, where she was up against people like Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, and she won! Adele was emotional when she was up on stage, and she delivered the most beautiful speech. In all her emotions and her feelings, she thanked Beyoncé, and even made Beyoncé cry! You can watch the touching speech here:

We’re so happy for Adele! We’re glad she had a great night, it looks like we’ll be screaming “YAAAAAAASSS QUEEN” until we lose our voices! What did you think? Did you love Adele’s performances? Glad she won her awards? Let us know!