Adele “Wishes” To Snub The Media

Normally, when an artist walks the red carpet at the GRAMMYs, it’s usually filled with interview after interview. Adele, however, could not care less about that! Walking straight past the media and going straight for the children of the Make A Wish Foundation. How sweet, right?! We love how real she is, and it’s even on video!

If you’d like to see her make a bunch of kids really happy, you can do so here:

We can’t get over how cool she is! We admire her so much; how could someone be that cool AND talented at the same time! We’re so jealous tbh!
**buys tickets to see Adele in Sydney next month**

We’re shook! Not only that, but we now have so much more respect for Adele too, 50 points to Gryffin-we mean, Adele!

What do you think? Do you love what Adele did? Wish you were also going to meet her too? Let us know!