American Apparel Shutting Down All Stores In Australia!

Recently, American Apparel announced they would be closing all stores in Australia due to bankruptcy. As a way of clearing out stock, they had a sale with 75% off all items for the past week. They also revealed that the brand will no longer maintain an online presence in Australia.

In Australia, the official American Apparel stores were mainly located in the outer suburbs of capital cities, resulting in lack of popularity due to difficulties with transportation. There were sections of AA clothing in Myer, but most of the apparel wasn’t available at these shopping centres. 

Up to 100 employees have lost their jobs without much warning - the company let them know doors would be shutting right after the sales.

Did you enjoy shopping at American Apparel? If so, are you sad to see it shut down? Let your friends know and tell us how you feel about this unexpected news.