Amplify Chats With Brittany Raymond From 'The Next Step'!

If you’re a fan of all-things Disney Channel, this is a dream come true for you.

Ten cast members from the hit TV series The Next Step are coming down under for a 90-minute stage show!

Disney Channel Presents The Next Step – Live on Stage is your chance to get up close and personal with some of your fave Disney Channel stars, including Brittany Raymond who plays the much loved character, Riley.

We caught up with Brittany ahead of her trip down under & asked her some of YOUR questions sent in via. Twitter! Has she ever been tempted to quit dancing? Which cast member is she closest with? What’s the craziest rumour she’s heard about herself? For all that & more, check out The Amplify Podcast below!

Other cast members starring in the show include: Trevor Tordjman (James), Jordan Clark (Giselle), Victoria Baldesarra (Michelle), Lamar Johnson (West), Isaac Lupien (Eldon), Myles Erlick (Noah), Briar Nolet (Richelle), Isaiah Peck (Henry) and Shelby Bain (Amy).

Also tagging along the tour will be local Aussie Disney Channel hosts Adam Roberts and Ash Wells from Hanging With Adam and Ash.

Due to the huge demand, new shows have been added to the tour. So if you’re thinking of going, get in quick before tickets run out! See below for dates and information.

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Q: Do you feel like there’s more pressure doing a live show? Cos if you stuff up when you’re filming, you can just re-shoot. But when it’s live, you’ve only got one shot.

“I actually like performing better. I love the energy that we get from the crowd and from one another. The adrenaline we get kind of pumps us up and almost makes us perform better. Whereas, in front of a camera, we kind of have to do that ourselves because everyone else has to be silent. So I kind of like the energy a little bit better from a live performance.”

Q: We're assuming rehearsals have started?

“We actually only rehearse a couple of weeks before we leave. So we haven’t started that yet.”

 Q: Have you guys toured together before?

“We’ve toured together for the past couple of years.”

Q: When you hit the road, do you reckon you might invade each others personal space a bit?

“Oh, definitely. But we’re all so close because we kind of grew up on the show together, we all know each other so well. So it’s not even an issue. We’re all basically one big family and it’s always so great touring with them.”

Q: It goes without saying that to be a dancer requires a high level of fitness, which would probably consume a fair chunk of your time… Have there ever been days when you just feel SO LAZY that you think WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF… Or do you love it so much that it doesn’t feel like a chore?

“There are of course days where you’re like ‘I would much rather be lying in bed watching Netflix’ but you know, you kind of have to push yourself. Because in order to be at a professional level, you have to remember to work and work and work… Even growing up when I was competing, you weren’t allowed to miss a night of dance.  If you missed a night of dance, you were no longer a competitive dancer. So you always had to push yourself to that point, which can be difficult at times, but it’s always fun.” 

 Fan Questions:

Q: Who do you ship? Jiley or Ralfie? - @realestdolan

Probably Jiley. Only because they’ve been together and they’re clearly the superior couple.

Q: Favourite season of The Next Step that you’ve filmed? @ArnottHannah

I’m gonna say Season 1 – only because it was the only season where everything was a new experience. I was constantly learning new things which was always really, really great.”

 Q: Who are you closest to on set? @JileyFan21

“I’ll have to say Victoria Baldesarra, who plays Michelle. We actually lived together last year in the summer when we were filming Season 5. So I’ve definitely gotten a lot closer with her.”

 Q: Craziest rumour you heard about yourself? @tnsdancerjiley

“I heard a rumour that I died in a horrible car accident. It did not happen, I’m hear to tell you that I did not die – thank goodness!”