Amplify Chats With New District!

How lucky are we?! We got to chat with the boys from New District; a US-based boy band who’ve got hearts throbbing around the world!

Earlier in 2016, New District released the music video for their sing Closer and they absolutely ~SLAYED~ on their hoverboards! 

“It started off as a hobby, but after we’d ridden them around for a while, we realized how trendy they were becoming with the younger audience. So, we decided, why not incorporate this into our music video?” Dylan told us.  

They may have made it look effortless, but as they told us, it wasn’t quite that simple. “It took 2 to 3 months of rehearsing non-stop”. Talk about dedication! 

Being a boy band, New District find themselves constantly being compared to other popular all-male music groups, such as One Direction and 5SOS. However, they reckon they’ve got more to offer.

“The one thing we always throw back at the One Direction comment is – we dance” the boys said. 

While the boys say that being compared to One Direction is “a huge compliment”, they say that a more fitting comparison would be 90’s pop sensations, NSYNC.

“I think what’s interesting about our style is that we want to go back to the 90’s boy bands where they dance. We keep the modern feel of One Direction, like the social media presence they have, but we dance - and that’s the difference” Devin said.

And, yes they would love to come to Australia! Fingers crossed they'll be on our shores very soon!