Arianna's Diary: Where Did The Universe Come From?

Today I was talking to my best friend and we somehow got onto the topic of how the Universe came into existence. Neither of us believes in God, or anything other than physics, and we both constantly wonder how we came into existence. 

Can you imagine the very beginning? When people think of the very beginning, some think of the Big Bang or the first life on Earth. I think of before that – before there was something. There has always been something, right? But “something” had to start somewhere.

Sorry, that last paragraph was a bit of a mouthful! The thought that something had to start somewhere, and that everything that has happened in the past has made the moment we’re in right now exactly the way it is, is an insane thought. Why are we, as individuals, lucky enough to experience this moment? Why do we have life on Earth and why is “life” the way it is?

Think about it – the Universe is a miracle and Earth is a pretty big miracle too. Then we have the coincidence called humanity, and all the crazy things that go along with that … maybe it would just be easier to resort to a religion as the answer to everything! 

I am not saying religions aren’t truthful. How would I know? I am just a teenage girl sitting behind a screen, wondering where I came from and why I’m lucky enough to deserve life on Earth. But, I am saying that religions are something that people grow up with, and are convinced to believe in. No one knows whether they’re right or wrong. It is just like how we grow up thinking Santa is real. Even if God was real, where did he come from? He had to have come from somewhere, too. 

This leads me to the meaning of life. Surely humans have a reason to exist, but it is hard to see what we’re meant to do universally and why. One day, the Sun is going to burn out or perhaps a meteor will hit Earth. Then what? Everything just ceases to exist? 

Yes, I am asking a lot of deep and meaningful questions and this is a pretty exciting and heavy topic, so I’ll leave you to think about it some more, but first I have two non-rhetorical questions: 

- Would you want to know how everything started if you also found out how everything ended? 

- What do you believe is the meaning of our existence?