Barbie Literally Has A YouTube Channel And It's ... Interesting?

One of the weirdest - and coolest - YouTube channels right now is ... oddly, the Barbie YouTube channel!

It has what you’d expect from a Barbie channel; videos promoting the doll, and encouraging little girls (and boys too) that they can be and do anything they want in life. But Barbie has also began posting vlogs … yes, you read that right, actual vlogs!

Barbie and Ken actually did the baby food challenge together, and it was quite interesting:

While it had a nice message/challenge at the end of it, it was still very surreal to watch Barbie and Ken do what YouTubers do best. We can’t say we hated it, it was actually kinda funny! But it’s definitely something we’d have to get used to. Barbie’s videos range from everything, from her vlogs, to even a really cute Draw My Life Challenge which you can watch here:

It’s all definitely cute, we wonder how well this will go! It’s been around for awhile now, racking up nearly two million subscribers. Maybe we’ll start seeing Barbie coming to YouTube conventions? Now THAT will be hilarious!

So what do you think? Will you be watching Barbie’s YouTube channel? Let us know!