Bea Miller Is The New Kid On The Chainsmokers’ Block

Bea Miller isn’t the type to sit in silence, which we love about her. She tends to call people out for their mishaps, and seek to help them learn and grow to become better people. Bea also likes to call out others for more petty things (yet still important). Like, for example, this tweet:

And when you think about it, how many times have you seen that happen? You stumble upon some guy’s account, and every one of his tweets is something sappy with way too many emojis.

Anyways ...

Bea used her power of calling out people, and said that The Chainsmokers have only been making music in order to “get with models”. The Chainsmokers heard what she said and blocked her on Twitter. Bea took a screenshot of the block and said this:

You keep being you, Bea! We hope you never stop doing what you’re doing even in a Miller-yon years! Keep slaying!

What do you think? Did you love Bea calling out The Chainsmokers? Thought it was unnecessary? Let us know!