Beyoncé Is Set To Perform At The GRAMMYs!

As literally everybody knows, Beyoncé just announced that she’s pregnant with twins via Instagram yesterday, but now, a day later, it has been revealed (according to Entertainment Tonight) that Beyoncé will be performing at the GRAMMYs!

The queen is nominated for nine GRAMMYs for Lemonade, and we can’t wait to see Bey absolutely SLAY it on stage, but let’s be real, when does Beyoncé ever ~not~ slay?!

We are so ready for Bey’s performance, and we know she’ll snatch up a few awards at the GRAMMYs!

Wanna take bets on what song(s) she’ll sing? We’re hoping it’s literally every song she’s ever released (and a few covers of songs we want her to sing), but we’ll just have to wait and see!

What do you think? Are you excited for her performance? Wish you were there? Let us know!