Beyoncé’s Coachella Replacement Has Been Announced, And Fans Are Going Gaga Over It!

After Beyoncé announced that due to her pregnancy, she will no longer be able to perform at Coachella, fans were left devastated that the queen was no longer going to bless them with another legendary performance.

Following the announcement, everyone started to wonder who was going to replace Queen Bey. Who could possibly fill the shoes of one of the greatest entertainers alive right now? Well, today it was announced that Beyoncé’s replacement will be ... Lady Gaga!

After slaying the stage at The Superbowl, and then slaying the stage AGAIN at The Grammys, we can’t wait to see what Gaga has in store for us at Coachella! It makes us wish we could go to Coachella!
**sells family, house and soul so we can fly to America**

If anyone can fill Beyoncé’s shoes, it’s Gaga! With her amazing dance moves, and impressive vocals, we’re pretty sure she’s going to leave that entire festival ~shook~ the entire time! Gaga confirmed the news by posting this tweet:

So what do you think? Are you excited for Gaga’s Coachella performance? Are you disappointed with the replacement? Let us know!