Boy Scouts Officially Allow Transgender Children To Apply!

In a wonderful, exciting and YAAAAAAAASSSSS worthy turn of events, Boy Scouts has changed its application form in order to allow transgender children to apply as the gender that they identify as!

Previously, children had to supply their birth certificate to prove their gender, but now they’ve removed that option! We’re so happy for the children who get to live their lives so authentically from such a young age, and it’ll definitely make them much happier!

The decision has received support from a lot of people, including Joe Jonas! Our fave tweeted this in support of the decision, and we’re so happy he’s so supportive!

We hope we continue to progress like this in the future, but as of now, one little boy will get to join the other boys instead of having to sit with the girls. Here’s to progress! And many, many more years of it!