British Influencer Fat Shamed By Clothing Company

Aliyah Hussain a lady of supreme fabulousness, was denied a brand deal because they didn't think she was thin enough, and that she didn't have the summer body they were looking for. The company, Evolve Clothing, sent Aliyah an email which we quite frankly thought was ridiculous and uncalled for:

Fat shaming is definitely not cool; whether it’s from another woman, or from a guy, it’s not okay. To us, every body is a summer body, and anyone who says otherwise is completely wrong. The weirdest part of this story is what this random company has deemed “not slim enough”. Because if you look at this picture of Aliyah’s body, she’s a literal smol bean:

We honestly feel sorry for Evolve Clothing, because they're sending a terrible message to young girls with this awful move. But let us tell you; your body is good enough. Whether it’s for summer, winter, spring, autumn or any other season you can think of (no, we’re not talking about your fave TV show). You are beautiful, Aliyah’s beautiful, and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.

The Internet has come in defence of Aliyah, condemning Evolve Clothing’s ridiculous decision:

We’re glad the Internet stood by her, #TeamInternet for the win!

So what do you think? Do you think what they did was awful? Let us know!