'Cash Me Outside' Girl Kicked Off Plane For Punching A Passenger

We've all come to know and love the girl behind the infamous 'Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah' meme, but we did not expect the 13-year-old to go this far. 

Danielle Bregoli has managed to cash somebody inside a plane. It has been reported that the teenager and her mum got kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight after getting into an abusive confrontation with another passenger during the boarding process. 

According to TMZ, the pair were struggling to get their luggage into the overhead compartment when an argument started. The Internet sensation claims a woman pushed her mother and allegedly put her hands to her throat, which caused her to retaliate by punching her in the face. How bow dah? 

Instagram videos have surfaced showing Danielle screaming "what's up ho?" before punching the other passenger. In response, the unnamed woman allegedly spat on her. 

All three passengers were escorted off the plane and banned from flying with Spirit Airlines. Buckle up because we're sure Danielle's antics won't stop there!