Chris Colfer Has Released A New Book!

Chris Colfer has come out with a new book, and it’s called...Stranger Than Fanfiction! Yes, we love that title! The book is about four fans who jokingly ask their idol to come with them on a road trip, and are shocked when he actually agrees to join them. Joining the star on his celebrity lifestyle of avoiding the paps and everything else that comes with it, the four fans soon begin to learn the star’s dark secrets. The story is a lesson on empathy, compassion and real friendship.

How great does that sound?! No wonder it’s called Stranger Than Fanfiction, it’s literally sweeter than fanfiction! The book is available today, and we can’t wait to buy the book and read it all in one go! We’re ready to call it our new favourite book. It’s amazing how multi-talented Chris Colfer is, from slaying us as Kurt Hummel in Glee, to writing not one, but two brilliant novels! Can he be anymore perfect?! We think not!

Us when we get our hands on the book:

Us after we read the book:

We’re so excited for this book!

So what do you think? Will you be buying the book? Are you excited to read it? Not keen at all? Hate books? Don’t read? Let us know!