Colton Haynes Has A Very 'Engaging' Experience!

Yes, Colton Haynes definitely had an engaging experience - he’s engaged!

The ridiculously beautiful man posted a photo on Instagram where he captioned it “I SAID YES!” amidst fireworks. Talk about goals, right?! That’s enough to make our hearts melt for the next 84 years.

If you wanna see the photo, you can see the romantic masterpiece here:

I SAID YES!!! 💍💥❤️ @jeffleatham

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But wait, there’s more!

In the lead up to the proposal, Colton’s now fiancé enlisted the help of an actual queen to lead him into it! No, the queen wasn’t you, but it definitely should have.
It was Cher! They featured Cher on a massive billboard and it looks like it was one of the most memorable proposals of all time. Take a look!

Colton has been posting the most adorable things about his man, he’s been melting people’s hearts forever! Check out these adorable posts with and about his fiancé that’ll make you think #RelationshipGoals:

Literally RT your goals!

Aren’t they just incredible?! Love is so real, we hope we find a love like that someday!

So what do you think? Are you happy for Colton? Wish it was you he was engaged to? Let us know!