Connor Franta Is Going On Tour ... With A Twist?

Connor Franta has done some incredible things in his life, from writing two books to having his own clothing line. Today, however, Connor has made the announcement that he will be going on tour! While he has toured before, the twist will be that this tour will also feature an actual freaking art museum as well!

According to the tour website, “this sensory installation provides a walk through his three room art exhibition composed of images and elements captivating the senses to come to better know and feel the moments you can only see in the book.” Now that sounds pretty freaking cool, don't you think?! Every ticket will include a signed copy of the book! Uhhhmmm, goals much?! Plus an hour long show featuring the Frantastic human!

So far, the tour will only be visiting America, but we can only hope with every fibre of our being that Connor will bring his tour to Australia. In the meantime, if anyone has free flights, accommodation, tickets to the show and needs someone to take them, then….

So what do you think? Will you be going to the tour? Hoping it comes to Australia? Let us know!