Connor Franta’s Latest Collab Will Leave You Shook!

Connor Franta has been in some of our favourite collabs ever; from Tyler Oakley to Marcus Butler, but this latest collab has us more shook than a Kardashian at a Black Friday sale. 

No, it isn’t another YouTuber, it’s Urban Outfitters! 

Connor designed five exclusive products from his brand Common Culture, and they’re now all available in select Urban Outfitter stores! His designs are so lit, putting together the cutest collection of merch that we’re literally dying to buy.

Check out some of the designs:

While we sadly don’t have any Urban Outfitter stores in Australia *curses the Urban Outfitter gods*, we’re so proud of Connor for this amazing achievement! It was one of his biggest dreams, and he’s finally achieved it! This is ~literally~ us right now:

On the day they were released, he did a meet and greet in LA where the first 200 people who bought his clothes would get to meet him! He’ll also be touring around America in Texas, New York City and Minnesota!
*casually tweets Connor asking if we can come with him*

But since we live in Australia, we can still buy it online! Unfortunately most of it is already sold out, but we can cross our fingers that they might restock!

What do you think? Will you be buying any of Connor’s Common Culture/Urban Outfitters clothes? Let us know!