Could A Zayn & Demi Lovato Collab Be Happening?!

Zayn collaborations are always so lit, whether it’s his collaborations with One Direction or his duet with Taylor Swift (except his collab with Naughty Boy, we don’t talk about that one). So when we’re presented with the possibility of a new collab, we’re definitely gonna get excited!

While Zayn hasn’t said anything himself, a fan asked Demi if she’d be keen to do a duet with Zayn, and she responded with this:

OMFG!! We’re shook! We’d definitely love to see that! We love Demi’s voice, and we definitely love Zayn’s vocals, so we think this collaboration could be the collab of the century! Imagine the music video as well, it’d definitely be all kinds of flawless! Who wouldn’t want a Zayn x Demi collab?! We wonder what it’ll sound like?
Either way, we’re sure this will be us if it happens:

So what do you think? Would you be down for a Demi and Zayn collab? Not down? Let us know!