Dan & Phil Have One Final Go At The Impossible Quiz!

Throughout 2016, Dan & Phil have been making Impossible Quiz videos, filled to the brink with the two of them stressed out (and sometimes cracking up) over the game’s ridiculous (and hilarious) questions.

In the first five videos, Dan & Phil navigated the first 100 questions. Once they answered the first 100 questions, they thought that was it. But nope! Now they have to do the last 10 questions, and then they FINALLY get to have finished The Impossible Quiz! But will they do it? Find out by watching the entertaining video here:

We’ve honestly never known how emotional Dan can get, although the game is extremely frustrating, so we can’t blame him! We can’t believe we got to watch Dan & Phil make that journey all the way from figuring out the first question to figuring out every question in the quiz. Tbh we’re proud of them!

Not to mention The Impossible Quiz is the reason we have this iconic line:

So what do you think? Do you think Dan & Phil should do the sequel for The Impossible Quiz? Or should they just leave it how it was? Let us know!