Dealing With Your Parents' Break Up

Based on the experiences of Maiya Harriman.

Change; most definitely up there with something that brings the most diverse of emotions with it. From as little as changing the background on your phone to changing schools, everything comes with its own little buzz.

Recently I have dealt with a massive amount of change in my every day life. About three weeks ago, my parents let my younger brother and I know that they were splitting up. Now I'm normally one to adapt to new situations pretty easily, but this time round I struggled a lot. It came along with moving some of my things to Dad's new house, a bit of tension within the family, trying to remember whose house I was at each day, packing the right items for each day at school and so on. As the older sibling, I had a huge smack of responsibility all of a sudden with little warning at all.

I had to quickly come up with some coping mechanisms to help me get through life as normally as possible for the first few weeks (I can assure you I'm completely used to everything now) and I thought of everything I loved to do/just love in general.


Music is one of the main things that I use to keep me grounded at any time of the day, my essentials to take with me are my phone and earphones all the time!


Keeping in touch with your friends and letting them know what's going on can help you too. I found it was good to tell as many people as I felt comfortable with.

Opening Up:

 I talked to my best friend and just let her know everything that was going on in my head. It felt amazing to be able to talk to someone who isn't going to judge you in the slightest and can show a perfect mixture of sympathy and empathy towards you.


During the first two weeks I just let everything out in the form of a couple of documents on my computer. I then deleted them and it felt as if I was moving forward and not letting anything drag me down. I also just wrote about anything and everything I could think of and really enjoyed it.


I ran in the poring rain and ran in the burning sun for half an hour or so every couple of days. Being outside in the fresh air really does clear your mind and helps you think better, it's not a myth! 


Turning off your phone and getting lost in a book is such an uplifting feeling. It's like being transported into your own little world and you feel as if you're amongst the characters and are seeing what they're seeing.

As I said earlier, change is different for everyone and can hit both ends of the scale! If you're struggling to deal with it at all, try to focus on doing things that you love. It sounds cliché but it really does help and you'll feel a lot better after focusing on looking after yourself!