Demi Lovato Embraces The Meme!

We’re not sure if you still remember it, but a while ago, there was a meme called Poot Lovato. Poot Lovato is literally just a particularly unflattering photo of Demi Lovato, which the world named Poot.

Poot, according to the Internet, is Demi’s twin sister who was locked away in the basement of the Lovato home, with the hope of never being seen in public. The meme states that Poot actually managed to escape, ultimately revealing the secret of her life.

Once the Internet had officially written the story of Poot Lovato, the meme really took a life of its own. With hilarious photoshops, fan fiction and literally everything else you could think of was taking over the Internet. Demi hadn’t said much about the meme, choosing to either ignore it altogether or to criticise it...until today that is!

Today, Demi decided to ride the wave of Poot Lovato, and tweeted this wonderful GIF of her imprisoned twin sister:

The Internet loved it, celebrating the return of one of the best memes of 2015. Check out their reactions here:

Clearly, Demi did the right thing by the Internet, and joined in on the joke with them! We love Demi even more now! An actual queen!

We’ll end with our favourite reaction: