Did Justin Bieber Just Put On His Cheapest Concert Ever?

Imagine, you’re at work, slaving away like normal, just earning money so you can buy a concert ticket to see your fave. The door opens, and you turn to say hi to the customer. Your heart skips a beat and you force yourself not to cry as you realise it’s Justin Bieber! Well, that’s exactly what happened at the Fifth Pubhouse in Toronto! Last night, Justin Bieber showed up at the pub and performed for the lucky people in attendance. He performed covers of The Beatles and Beethoven, as well as his own songs! 

Here’s a video of him performing Sorry on the piano; it’s actually so beautiful and lit, we wish he’d play it on piano more often!

If only we were old enough to get into that pub
*Arthur clenched fist*

What do you think? Do you love that Justin did such an impromptu performance? Let us know!