DNCE Have Taken Their Biggest Fan Out On A Date

DNCE have reminded us why they’re literally the greatest people on Earth, and did something that makes you immediately think “When will your fave?"

DNCE fan Maria (otherwise known as @dncebrad on Twitter) was looking forward to seeing DNCE on her birthday ... until the show had to be moved. Maria was understandably upset about it, so DNCE actually DM’d her this legendary message that would literally have us lying on the cold hard ground if they’d done this to us.

Take a look at what they did:

THAT! They did ~that~!

How are they literally the nicest people in world?! We’re 100% shook at this supreme act of kindness, and we’re inspired by how nice they are! We hope Maria has a great time at the show!

So what do you think? Do you love that they did that? Think it was incredible? Wish you were coming too? (same). Let us know!