Dodie Might Be In The Next La La Land!

If you’ve been as obsessed with La La Land as we have, you may know that the only person who loves La La Land more than the actual cast and crew is Dodie Clark.

Dodie has performed covers of the movies biggest songs, City of Stars and Someone in the Crowd as well as a video explaining her love for the movie and the themes. She has definitely seen it more times than we can be bothered counting and was lucky enough to receive a signed poster from Lionsgate Movies.

thank you @lionsgatemoviesuk for the signed @lalaland poster! 🌃🎺☀️

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On Tuesday to end her Daily February Vlogs, Dodie made a video summarising the best things that happened during the month and top of the list is a tweet from one of the producers of La La Land, Jordan Horowitz praising Dodie and her friends for their cover and thanking her for being such a lover and support to the film.

Horowitz then went on to DM her (!!!) :

“You should know that me and Damien and all the other producers have shared your covers, etc. They are really wonderful. So keep it up. You’re rad.”

We are beyond proud and excited for Dodie! Does this mean anything for the future? Are we too optimistic in thinking she might be considered for the next role with these producers …?

Let us know what you think and if you want Dodie to be the next Mia!