Drake Cancels His Amsterdam Show For The Third Time

Imagine, you've driven hours to see Drake, you're the first one there. You make friends with the lovely people around, you've got each other’s backs. The moment finally comes when they let everyone in. You and your squad all got barrier! You're finally seeing Drake! Now it’s time for the wait for him to come on..you're starting to get really excited! it’s starting to hit you ... and then the concert gets cancelled. Again. For the third time.

That’s sadly exactly what happened to Drake fans in Amsterdam. Unfortunately due to Drake getting sick on the day, and being told not to perform, the show was abruptly cancelled, and fans were told to go home. As expected, they were clearly furious with what had happened, taking the outer venue to chant...well:

But we couldn't blame them after hearing this:

While some would have found the anger unjustified due to his illness, we can still see why they'd be angry. We mean, it'll be quite frustrating for the concert to be cancelled three times. Although we wish Drake a speedy recovery, and we hope can finally perform in Amsterdam!

So what do you think? Do you think fans have the right to be mad? Let us know!