Drake Responds To A Video Of Him Telling A Woman To Take Off Her Hijab

Recently, a video surfaced in which Drake allegedly tells a woman in a hijab to take it off. Understandably, the video caused outrage, which led to Drake responding to it. He posted a lengthy, heart felt paragraph on Instagram, which sounds much more like Drake than any video one would have seen:

In the Insta post, Drake describes how his shows are all about unity, and not being divided, and how Drake’s shows feature people from many different walks of life. Knowing what we now know about Drake, it definitely sounds like an honest mistake, and after all the things we’ve read about him, we don’t think Drake would have honestly done that. We love his relationship with his fans, and we wouldn’t want that to ever go away.

So what do you think? Do you believe Drake? Think he’s lying? Let us know!