Ed Sheeran Blesses Us With A New Music Video!

Ed Sheeran has finally posted the music video for Castle On the Hill!

The song itself made us feel nostalgic, but this video has ~literally~ made it one hundred times worse! The music video features a man playing a younger Ed who looks freakishly like him *no, literally, someone let him know that we’re available*, and we’re feeling all of the feelings!

The video reminisces about Ed’s younger years with a group of his friends, detailing how life was when he was younger, and tbh, it looked lit. We’ll definitely be watching this one over and over again until we’re grey and old! If you’d like to watch the music video, you can do so here:

Tbh we wish we were in his squad, because let’s be real, they’re #SquadGoals!

What did you think of the video? Did it make you feel all of the feels? Let us know!