Ed Sheeran FINALLY Releases His New Album 'Divide'!

Ed Sheeran has officially blessed the nations of the world with his new album Divide! The album is filled with absolute brilliance; from songs that’ll make you dance to songs that’ll make you cry. The wait was clearly 100% worth it, and the time off he spent clearly did wonderful favours for Ed!

We mean, how else would we get wonderful songs like Barcelona, Nancy Mulligan and Bibia Be Ye Ye?! The album is a literal masterpiece, if you want to listen to it, you can listen to it here! Although be warned, you’ll need tissues! And you’ll also need your dancing shoes!

The album is so lit, it’s literally one of the greatest albums we’ve ever heard! It explores so many themes, and it absolutely melts your heart! The Internet absolutely loved it too! Here are some of the Internet’s reactions to Ed’s brilliance:

Literally everyone is shook at how incredible it is; with such great lyrics, and fantastic beats, how can anyone dislike it?!

The album was so monumental that this was us listening to the album:

Yes, Jenna. Yes you can!

So what do you think? Are you also shook at how great the album is?! Do you like Ed? Hate him? Let us know!