Ed Sheeran Has Us Super Divided And We Need Help

Throughout 2017, Ed Sheeran has been blessing us with little things about his new upcoming album. From the New Year’s Day announcement where he said he was releasing new music, to the little lyrics.

Recently, Ed started posting short videos in the lead-up to the announcement on the album's title ..

But that had us all confuzzled. We were all literally divided on what the title was! But don't fret any longer because Edward Christopher Sheeran FINALLY put our Mathematical hearts to rest with a single tweet, and we’re in LOVE!  

Now, not only are we not divided, but we are all united again! We have now multiplied, we are together, our skin is clear, our grades are up, our crops grew and we are just very, very happy right now! 

And, it didn't stop there. He then decided to puncture our feels even more by announcing this:

Yep, we've already listened to both songs over a hundred times and we're not even sorry. 

*casually dying right now hbu*