Ed Sheeran Is Forming A Boy Band!

Ed Sheeran, who’s currently just released his incredible new album Divide, got to be featured on the latest issue of Rolling Stone! He’s even on the cover! 

How amazing does he look?! We’d even say he looks ... Perfect! There’s even a feature of Ed in the magazine, where he talks about his life, and his music and his future. One thing Ed mentioned is that he’s creating a boy band, a pop group! AND he’ll be writing all their songs! Ed’s still auditioning members, we’re just glad he hasn’t brought us into the audition process, because if he did, then we’d literally just keep saying:

We’re super excited to see this boy band, to hear their new music, and to watch them grow! We trust Ed to pick the best guys for the group, and we’re pretty sure they’ll become pretty amazing, especially since all their songs will be written by Ed! A brilliant songwriter like him, writing romantic pop music for a boy band?! Sign us up! We hope they become as big as One Direction, because that would be the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen.

So what do you think? Are you excited to hear about this new boy band? Let us know!